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Win – with the Winning Shares List !

One of the most powerful and useful features of your program is the Winning Shares List. This is a list of the shares which we think are the winners on the JSE. Consider the example below:

Here you can see that the share EOH (highlighted) was added to the Winning Shares Liston 21st September 2009 at a price of 920c. At the time of writing just over four years later, EOH had risen to a high of 8575c – a gain of 832.1%. In a strong bull market there can be as many as 100 shares on the list, but we never have more than that. There are approximately 400 shares listed on the JSE – so this cuts your problem of choosing the best shares down by three quarters. As you can see the performance of some of the shares on the liust has been nothing short of amazing. Look at Finbond (the last share on the list above) and you will see that it was added at just 25c a on 8th November 2012. Just over a year later it was trading for 284c – a staggering gain of over 1000%! Make good use of this excellent facility when choosing your winning shares!

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