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The Glossary of Investment Terms

One of the most important aspects of learning how to make money from shares is to learn the language of investment. If you do not know what a “minority shareholder” is or a “solvency and liquidity test” and other words and phrases which are frequently used in the share market, then how will be able to understand what is going on? To help you with this we have built and we maintain the most up-to-date and comprehensive glossary of investment terms available in South Africa. The Glossary explains more than 1660 terms in a document that is 200 000 words long. There are hundreds of charts and diagrams included in the extended explanations. Look at this example of the definition of a “Continuation Formation”:

Definition: “Patterns and formations which indicate a continuation of the existing trend.”

Detailed Explanation: “In the candlestick chart below we show first a flag or pennant formation which is a period of sideways movement between two horizontal trendlines, then a falling wedge where the upper trendline declines while the lower trendline is horizontal and then finally a triangle where the upper and lower trendlines converge. It is important to note that all these formations occur within and are part of the overall bull or upward trend:

The glossary is constantly up-dated as changes occur in the share market, in various laws and in the shares themselves. Using the glossary you should be able to find the meaning of any term which you read in the financial press. You should understand the language of the markets.